Terms, Conditions and Tips

1: Aways check your final order for quantities, especially if you use a mobile phone.

You must choose the Book Covering option every time before you can add to cart.

When you search for a book title always put in the first one or two words only. 

If the book name begins with 'A' or 'THE' it is important you put that in too.

And please search for copy singular instead of copies plural or calculator singular instead of calculators  plural. Do not put in comma or any other punctuation.

If you place an order with us and do not receive a confirmation email please call us on 086 7726000. 

2: Our Couriers Fastway will call you on your MOBILE to arrange delivery. A signature is required.

3:We do NOT have a collection service at the shop due to space constrictions.
4: Use 'Site Map' at the bottom of each page to see all options together.
5: Nearly all our copybooks have a durable plastic film cover-included in the price.
6: You can return any items not required within 14 days. If the items were correctly supplied you can return but postage will not be refunded. If the items are faulty we can replace post free or refund the credit to your card.
7: When paying, enter your name exactly as it is on the credit/debit card- Double check the card number, expiry and security code. Also wait 30 seconds for 3D secure to work.
8: Books marked NA and not priced are not available at present.  
9: Visa and MasterCard only. Our email address is joycegalway65@gmail.com. Phone 091568227.